Wine & Beer Tastings at Big Bear

Thursday 4p - 6p Pueblo West

Pour Over ICE

Bird Dog Mixed Drinks

NEW at Big Bear! Bird Dog Blackberry Lemonade and Ruby Red Grapefruit Margarita. Just pour over ICE!!!!

Friday 4p to 6p

Tequila Tasting

Playa Real Tequila

Hand Crafted and Triple Distilled Tequila. 100% Blue Agave....

Saturday 4p - 6p - Southside


Crafthouse Cocktail Tasting

Chief mixologist, Charles Joly, is world renowned and has an extraordinary palate and attention to detail. He wanted to create balanced, bright cocktails that were available to his customers outside of the walls of an elite cocktail bar. This idea sparked the birth of Crafthouse Cocktails.