Wine & Beer Tastings at Big Bear

Thursday 4pm-7pm - Pueblo West

Wine Tasting!

19 Crimes

This premium Australian wine celebrates the pioneering spirit of the 'bad seeds' - convicts transported to Australia - and the wine they inspired borne out of a second chance.

Friday 4pm to 7pm - Southside & Pueblo West

Brewery of the Month!


Colorado Craft Beer at it's best, Funkwerks! Stop by both Big Bear locations Friday and sample the Brewery of the Month!

Friday 4pm to 7pm - Southside & Pueblo West

Seltzer Water Tasting

White Claw

Pure refreshment, like nothing you've ever tasted before. 5% BrewPure™ alcohol, pure seltzer water and a hint of fruit. 110 calories. Gluten Free. Low Carb.