Wine & Beer Tastings at Big Bear

Thursday 4pm-7pm - Pueblo West

Wine Tasting

It's Thursday so lets drink some Wine!

FREE Wine Tasting at the Big Bear Tasting Bar at the Pueblo West Big Bear!

Friday 4pm to 7pm - Southside

Let's Taste some Wine!

Sean Minor Winery - Four Bears

 I believe you’ll find these wines to be, as I like to call them, sophisticated yet approachable.   The Four Bears wines offer incredible value from distinguished appellations and provide an uncompromising experience. 

Saturday 4pm to 7pm - Southside

Wine Tasting!

Cannonball Wine Co

The Cannonball. It is the perfect symbol of freedom. Legs tucked beneath you, soaring through the air – that uninhibited spirit is the soul of Cannonball wines. The Cannonball icon is a symbol of your inner child. A time when life was carefree and all about having fun. Dive In and Share a Splash!