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Is it time to try a new flavor?

I discovered a new flavored vodka this past weekend that took me by surprise. It was inexpensive, but left a taste of something very classy.  I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t like to try new things, and always orders the same sandwich from Subway. Well I broke free of my norm and discovered an awesome series of flavored vodka. KRU Vodka has many flavors, but the one that really impressed me was the pistachio flavor. I mixed the KRU vodka with sprite and fresh lime, and was impressed by how good it was. All of my friends loved it, and we all became fans of this vodka as soon as we tasted it. KRU vodka has five different flavors Pistachio, Wintergreen, Cucumber, Peach mango, and Chocolate Truffle. Try something new at BIG BEAR!

Sean is a student at PPC that currently works at Big Bear Wine & Liquor. Sean just started interning at Big Bear Wine & Liquor putting to use his newly learned skills in the Mass Communication Field.