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Biggest Bull Elk & Buck Contest

Big Bear Biggest Bull Contest Inaugural Season has begun.
How Does it Work?-Simple, Biggest Bull Elk / Mule Deer harvested during the 2013 Season Wins!
All we ask is that you bring in a Boone &Crockett score (by an official B&C scorer) and a Photo.
What’s the Prize? – Big Bear will be giving out prizes for the Top 3 Bull Elk/Mule Deer Scores.

1st Place Prize – A bottle of limited edition Jack Daniels Rye with your name engraved on the
Big Bear Biggest Bull plaque that will be displayed on our Reserve Room for years to come.

2nd Place Prize- Bottle of (bourbon or whiskey) and a 30pk of Beer (your Choice)

3rd Place Prize- Bottle of (bourbon or whiskey) and a 12pk of Beer (your Choice)
What’s the Deadline To Enter- All scores & Photo’s must be in by January 15, 2015, with the winners announced at our super bowl bash on February 2, 2014.